What does Art for People offer?

You’ve probably wondered many times if you suit all this elegant art. Is it proper to go to a museum the silence of which makes your ignorance scream and the feelings do not match the standards? Now you will give up this thinking once and for all! In our online gallery you can make real purchases from virtual shelves and bet on talented Artists, guided only by your own preferences. They will make for you a product tailored to your expectations, which today is non-commercial, and tomorrow will become known for its unique character. Appreciate and rate. Change your thinking about art, which is after all for people.

Adjust the art to yourself and decide if you want to have something special, made with the hands of a talented Creator.

Where is the idea for the gallery from?

The idea for an online gallery was born in the restless heads of art lovers. The united forces of two sisters and a mixture of extremely different professional competences have created this unique place. We are united by a passion for aesthetics and a desire to show talents that have never had a chance to appear in the minds of an international recipient. We believe that the Artist deserves a dignified life out of the passion, and the recipient deserves a unique work the choice of which is dictated solely by own taste.

What does Art for People mean to us?

It is a name-idea that fully reflects the character of the place to which we invite. This is our vision of the art world in which everyone will find something for themselves. We believe that everyone deserves to be unique, you only need to get there.

Why us?

We focus on authenticity and uniqueness. We want the recipients to receive not only a unique work, but above all we want to inform the world about the existence of the Creator who creates this uniqueness. An Artist of Art for People is someone close to people who shows what he or she creates how he or she works and willingly shares it.

Welcome to our gallery