Agnieszka Chrostowska

Agnieszka Chrostowska

Art for people is art that is accessible and understandable to everyone, is timeless; art that shows beauty and raises sensitivity to the world around us.

- Agnieszka Chrostowska

A sculptor looking into the essence of humanity. The creator of her own studio, in which she conjures up ceramic curiosities that are impossible not to be loved.

Hi! I am Aga.
Many years ago I met a teacher, sculptor, ceramic artist. In a small school atelier I found a way, a remedy for chaos in my teenage head, and it is still today, molding in clay organizes my thoughts and emotions. Zbyszek always said “Clay is patient …”

After graduating from school, I continued to study ceramics in the Czara studio, led by Ewa, Magda and Andjelika. Three different women, three different techniques. I watched what they were doing, each one worked differently. I discovered that what is made of clay reflects who we are, what we are, shows our hidden emotions, has many dimensions, magic!

The next step was the yearly “Applied Arts” course at the College in Glasgow. It was a year of huge challenges, long hours in the studio where I trained my skills and broke through and discovered my artistic path. The first shells were made there.

Now I have a small studio in the coastal town on the Island, hence its name Island 1200 ° C. My sculptures with organic, streamlined shapes are created here. Inspired by nature and its influence on matter and man. My works reflect the beauty of transience and fragility of everything that surrounds us.

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