Alicja Winnicka

Alicja Winnicka

Julian Barnes once said "art belongs to those who create it and to those who enjoy it. It is a whisper that rises above the hustle and bustle of time. Art belongs to everyone and belongs to nobody. "Art does not exist for art alone. It exists for people because it is created by people!!!

- Alicja Winnicka

A Wroclaw painter who devotes a unique place in her work to women. A child's memory of the work of an uncle-painter made her continue the family artistic tradition.

When Józef Szewczyszyn, a painter and my uncle, closed the door of the studio, angels of art and I could be inside. No one more. Uncle painted all day and I didn’t want to give up wine turpentine, brushes and paints. I knew somehow that important things were happening in my uncle’s studio. Then the life knocked on the door of the studio to ask me about education, motherhood and a number of other obligations. I matured. The uncle’s physical workshop ceased to exist, but the image burned inside me (by the power of the angels of art) preserved. When I understood that, for the first time I reached for the key, to the still closed studio door and I opened it. The key was my first picture. My teacher was a man who remained silent while his canvas called out to me: “Alice … this is your place and your meaning.” Each of my paintings is the key to my artistic truth.

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