Anna Mularska

Anna Mularska

My motto: "Everything has its right moment". I always look through the rainbow glasses as you have to do what you love and devote yourself to it in 100%.

- Anna Mularska

An artist, painter, graphic artist, marketer, graduate of the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts (Design). She loves large formats, color and dynamics in painting.

I come from Lubin, but for many, many years I have lived and worked near Wroclaw. “Date of birth”? … Always young!

I draw my inspiration from emotions and the power of nature. I create abstract paintings in a modern style. My works can be divided into energetic ones, filled with a huge amount of pigment strength, and those calm, balanced, a bit shy but focusing attention. I paint dynamically. I transfer characters and emotions to paintings. I love large formats. Painting for me means acrylic, oil, tempera. Drawing means coal, sometimes mixed techniques. I create on canvas, plywood and large format plates.

I paint for myself and for those who love paint, structure, the soul of the picture and the power of art.

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