Eliza Piechnik

Art for people is the creation of such a work that will stop a man in time and allow him to look at reality in a non-obvious way.

- Eliza Piechnik

Participant of many charity actions, which cooperates with auction houses in Poland and abroad. Illustrator of fairy tales and poems, as well as an art teacher who willingly shares her artistic experiences in the Association of Artists "Przystanek Sztuka".

My adventure with art began in my childhood. The passion was so strong that I started to connect my future with art. So I attended private drawing and painting lessons. And although I graduated from the University of Technology, postgraduate studies in art allowed me to fulfill my professional career as a teacher of this subject.
My work evolves over the years, and my paintings enjoy positive references, which confirms my belief that in life you have to do what you love.
I love the lightness of the brush and the light in the Impressionist paintings, and the free line in Lautrec’s work. I am also inspired by contemporary painters: Ewa Rzeznik and Christian Jecqel – absolute masters of the spatula.
When I visited Tuscany a few years ago, it turned out that the chateau where I lived belongs to Luigiega Galligani – an Italian renowned artist. Conversations with this extraordinary artist taught me a lot and I promised myself that we would meet again in an artistic atmosphere one day. I never gave up on that dream.

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