Ewa Witkowska

Ewa Witkowska

Art for people - for me it means greater availability of art and works. It is art reaching the recipient. The ability to watch, experience impressions without leaving home. And that's all the internet does.

- Ewa Witkowska

A creator who began her adventure with painting in 2006. She is an artist constantly looking for means of artistic expression, willingly taking part in open-air painting workshops and exhibitions.

I got interested in painting while studying in high school, attending a series of art history lectures at the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw. I admired the impressionists, the freedom of applying paint, and the unusual approach to color. I didn’t have skills and then (only) in 2006 I found Anna Dakhno’s studio (Ukraine / Kiev), where I started learning oil painting. This adventure lasted several years and allowed me to shape all the elements of the painting on my own. Then I got to know the work of Nabis and again admiration for color, the way of applying paint, the way of treating light and shadow.

At the same time, I started searching for an abstract reception of a painting impression (a bit like listening to music). I figured that color and texture might suffice for reception, without precisely describing the place, object or context.

And so this search continues. Then I paint with acrylics, using pigments, various sprinkles, structures, glaze, etc.

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