Jacek Kamiński

Jacek Kamiński

Art for People is when it reaches the viewers' consciousness, which takes place only individually, at the level of individual experiences, and never collectively.

- Jacek Kamiński

An artist looking for artistic challenges: from landscapes, through still life and veduta to abstractions in various painting techniques, including relief. In his work he is not afraid to raise difficult, contemporary and irritating subjects.

Born in Torun in 1970, a graduate of the Fine Arts Department of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in the studio of prof. Wolski.

A painter, visual artist, teacher at the secondary school of art in Golub-Dobrzyń and at art classes with art therapy in Czerników, organizer of many art and therapeutic classes, member of the Werwa Team foundation. A member of the Association of Visual Artists, a member of the Czernikowski Czyż-nie Association, a participant in folk and Dobrzyń happenings, outdoor art sessions for children and exhibitions in Czerników, as well as professional exhibitions in the region, Poland and Europe.

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