Janusz Gajowiecki

Janusz Gajowiecki

Art for people means for me the widest possible access to this beautiful field, which can wonderfully enrich the life of every human being.

- Janusz Gajowiecki

An artist who particularly likes the technique of dry pastels. They allow you to perfectly bring out drawing values as well as purely painting effects. He is also no reluctant to oil painting, watercolor, graphics, and wood carving.

In my works, I usually deal with two topics. I create works of a mystical and symbolic nature, or thematically related to France. I am closely connected to this country because I have friends there and I have been visiting them for many years. The works that I create, regardless of the subject matter, are most often dominated by vivid, strong and expressive colors, which are to emphasize the affirmation, joy and beauty of life.
My artistic path began while studying at the Secondary School in Piła. It was then that I met a great visual artist from Piła, Krystyna Noska. I regularly attended her drawing and painting lessons. I chose the field of Conservation and Museology at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Toruń. Unfortunately, I had to interrupt my first year of studies because of an accident with my hand. After a few surgical procedures, the manual skill of the hand returned to me completely, which allowed me to create and work as an artist. I have been deepening my artistic skills for years, enriching them thanks to constant creative work and contacts with artists in our country and in France. I am a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Poland, and I have presented my works in many places in Poland, as well as in galleries in France. For some time now, I have also started working with an art gallery in Denmark.

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