Joanna Róg-Ociepka


Art is not an idea. It is the primary need of every human being. It is the place and window thanks to which we become better. We can dream!

- Joanna Róg-Ociepka

Painter and drawer, she deals with short forms of animation and film as well as art site specific. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Painting. Scholarship holder at ENSBA in Dijon, France. Diploma entitled: "SAMOTRZEĆ" by Professor J. Waltoś. It belongs to the Association of Polish Artist and Designers of the Krakow district.

I co-create and coordinate educational projects at the Znaczy się Foundation of New Art. I co-create the FLU Grypa Twórcza artistic group. Since 2010 I have been running the FRESCOARTE art studio, under which I create and make paintings, frescoes and murals. I have created for various institutions, including the Culture Center in Wawrzeńczyce and for the swimming pool in Milicz.

I am a laureate of a special prize in the competition of the Second Contemporary Art Review “New Avant-garde” of the Szyb Wilsona Gallery (2018).
Co-laureate of the award of the FLU Grypa Twórcza collective exhibition as part of the Krakers Cracow Gallery Weekend competition (2018).
The finalist of the 3rd Polish National Painting Competition of Leon Wyczółkowski in Bydgoszcz (2018).
Finalist of the 19 National Polish Painting Review “Promotions 2009” in Legnica (2009). I run a diploma studio in Tischner European University.

In painting I am interested in the impression of the cyclical nature of time and the overlapping of events from the past to the present. Extreme moments: end and beginning, and moments of transition: time and events looping. It is emotions that create a man, and my characters want to talk from the picture about the condition of theirs and the recipient’s. In my paintings I combine figuration with abstraction. I paint what is close to me. The figures of women, silent participants of everyday life, who are closely connected with nature and its forces. I want my paintings to attract, disturb, force reflect and inspire. My works are exhibited in Poland and abroad. I love spending time in nature with my dog ​​Berni, looking for new inspirations where there is a source of nature: in the woods, wilderness, silence … where rivers are born.

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