Katarzyna Orczyk

Katarzyna Orczyk

If you like my paintings, I invite you to buy one. They will decorate your flat and I will be glad that I do not paint only for myself.

- Katarzyna Orczyk

A graduate of the Secondary School of Arts in Tarnów. Her curiosity about the world and her love of nature pushed her towards painting, photography and tourism. Until now she treated her painting as a hobby but today she would like to share it with the world.

I have painted, drawn, taken photographs for as long as I can remember. In my paintings there are usually signs typical of 20th century art. Although over the years and with the number of art history books read, I do not despise the Renaissance, Baroque or Impressionism periods either. Until now, I treated painting mainly as a hobby, and the paintings adorned the walls in my home or family home. But maybe now is the time for a larger audience?

In addition to painting, I’m also interested in photography. I have participated in several group exhibitions, both in Poland and abroad. I am also a member of Fotum the Photographic Association of Wojnicz. Tourism is my second passion. I work in a travel agency and as a tour guide.

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