Małgorzata Starowicz

Małgorzata Starowicz

Art for people is a way of self-expression, a way to relax, an escape from everyday life. Thanks to art, I am a happier person! 🙂

- Małgorzata Starowicz

A working mother who has made drawings since childhood. For four years she has been devoting herself to painting. Experiments with colors and techniques are her specialty

It started with creating custom paintings for friends and for myself. Transferring my emotions to canvas, playing with colors and various techniques gives me great joy, painting even relaxes me and is a getaway from everyday life. Moving into the world of art and painting touches other areas of my brain, which makes me develop. In turn, it evokes various emotions in recipients, which makes me very happy.

This is what art is all about so that every viewer, looking at a given work, feels the emotions that the artist tries to convey.

Some of my paintings can be seen in the “Saint-Tropez” gallery in Głogów.

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