Marta Zwarycz

Art for people should, in my opinion, be like magic that enchants and takes the viewer into a different, fairy-tale world where there is no anger, hatred, and problems. A person looking at a picture should have a feeling of joy, love, pleasure in looking. Art connects people and integrates them into a different culture. Color is very important in the image, the contrast between warm and cold colors ...

- Marta Zwarycz

Artist born in Drohobych, Ukraine, the city of Bruno Schulz. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and lecturer. She has been professionally involved in painting for 15 years. In her works she combines Petrykivka painting with modernity.

In the technical school, I was most delighted with Petrykivka painting, which comes from the 17th century of Sicha Zaporizhia. It is a painting rich in color, composition and a fantastic world. Masters still use interesting and unusual tools: their own finger, a cat’s hair brush, a reed stick.

I like to experiment with different techniques: graphics, watercolors, acrylic. I also run workshops for various age groups in Petrykivka painting, primitive painting, and folk icons.

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