Migna Buchelt

Migna Buchelt

Art for people is for me: Love and light.

- Migna Buchelt

A graduate of journalism and economics who paints straight from her heart. Venezuelan woman who fell in love with Poland. She signs her works under the pseudonym EMOTYKON

I had lost my mother quite sooner, and then I found myself at my aunt’s house, who had a rather cold attitude towards me and my siblings. My father was a very strict man and as far as I can remember, he has never been with us. I had a great need for someone to love me and accept me, and at the same time a great amount of love that I wanted to give to the whole world. Lonely, often misunderstood, I tried to express what I feel through my colorful works on paper, hoping that someone might see me someday. The only person who was important to me at the time was my older brother. It was with his help that I colored my first pages, I tried to imitate him in everything, not only in painting. My sisterly love was not even shattered by his jealousy, when one day my painted baby lion seemed more interesting to him than his and tore my drawing angrily.

The death of my loved ones: my mother, sister, and then my brother made me unable to paint anything.

Today, years later, I shyly brush the canvas, because although I am different and have come a long way, one thing has not changed in me. I still have a lot of love for people for animals and I love life just like that. I want to bring out the light and the colors that are inside of me and if someone sees them, I will feel happy.

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