Paulina Dzwonkowska

Art for people should be pleasant, give joy, arouse positive emotions and delight with its form, shape, color and expression.

- Paulina Dzwonkowska

An energetic abstractionist, creating under the pseudonym bellwood_arts

Painting is my passion that has always accompanied me. I paint as an amateur, so far non-commercial, for friends and acquaintances, realizing the inner need to express myself through shapes and colors on the canvas.

My paintings are characterized by vivid colors and dynamic shapes. I use professional acrylic paints with expressive colors. Each painting is unique, original, made from start to finish by me.

Original art, regardless of whether it is produced by itself or by famous painters, should be available and present in everyone’s life. It stimulates the senses, imagination and adds color to everyday life, often just improves the mood, gives a new character to our homes and interiors where we live.

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