Renata Stróżyńska

"Art for People" is a formula that defines my perception of all creation, people who need to create and express themselves through their works. Availability of prices and a wide offer of works in the gallery "Art for People", makes it possible to meet the expectations of buyers and give individuality to the spaces in which these works will be hosted.

- Renata Stróżyńska

In 2019, she exhibited her paintings for the first time at the Warsaw Home fair in the design zone. Inspired by the opinions and interest of interior designers, she fell in love with resin even more and began to create spatial forms - bowls and lamps. She uses transparent and metallic pigments that provide images with depth, unusual color penetration, and chemical reactions make the image form until the end of solidification.

I grew up in a home where reproductions were only in albums. My father is an artist by education, and a teacher by necessity did everything to develop my abilities in science, not in arts. He wanted me to have a “solid” profession. I graduated from the Polytechnic and that was the end of my “solid” profession. Prospects for the development of female engineers ended in the teachers or at the drawing board. Both possibilities were unacceptable to me.

I set out on my path working on homeworkers. After a few years, the company evolved and became a company that produces clothes under its own brand and for recognized Polish and foreign brands. I became an entrepreneur, but I had to create something all the time. My space was limited, so they were mostly small forms, mostly made for family and friends. I have had a studio for three years. My dream came true. I have the time and conditions to implement projects that have matured in me for years.

Two years ago I discovered an unusual medium for myself – resin. Its uniqueness lies in the complete lack of control over what will happen. You can plan the colors, but external factors – temperature, air humidity – make the resin spread unpredictably. Nobody, not even I, can create another picture of the same. This is fascinating, but frustrating at the same time, because you can’t fix what went wrong.

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