Sasha Kanavalau

Art for people is an art that you want to see every day.

- Sasha Kanavalau

A representative of naive art with academic preparation. He devotes himself to joyful and simple creativity, which is the sum of his artistic experiences, life choices and love for freedom.

How many patches does a cow have? And why are daddy’s ears hairy? Why did the dog Stefan eat the sock? Oh yeah … this childish curiosity. Joyful and direct. In my art, I try to find answers to seemingly simple but not vulgar questions. Questions asked by the inner child. Everyone has it. No matter how old you are, the child is always with you and asks, asks, asks … and you are too busy with routine, matter and you stop listening to him. And there, inside, quietly, quietly, almost silently whispering that someone you forgot. I set my heart on. Slowly, without rushing, I listen carefully. I listen and remain silent. I do not judge. The hand begins to create itself. Colorful and light, funny and melancholic, simple and naive. But deep and true. It tells about hidden childhood dreams and the naive joy derived from the little things around. About happiness.

I graduated from an art school for gifted children in the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. For 8 years, day after day of drill and art. Form, penumbra, anatomy. Learn to paint first, then create! Sure. After my education, I gave up art for 15 long years. I had enough. I wanted to forget about all those academic crap. 15 years of adult life: art director, senior art director, own advertising agency, advertising director, awards, festivals … More, more, more … and where is joy? Where is the finish line? Where does more end up? Slowly, slowly, I began to feel again. Hear. Hush, hush … my child asked. Are We There Yet? When will we get there? I listened. I was afraid. But I really wanted to create again. I heard my childhood dream. I closed my eyes and … let it happen, what has to happen! Art is back. Simple and naive. Straight from the heart. As you can see. Just as I feel.

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