Wiola Gaszka

- Wiola Gaszka

Born on November 2, 1970 in Upper Silesia.
She graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Bielsko Biała (specialization: artistic screen printing) and the University of Silesia, Art Institute in Cieszyn - diploma in the painting studio of prof. Tadeusz Rus, the humanistic work "Solar Symbolism of Ancient Egypt, its Manifestations in Art" under the supervision of prof. Adam Jonkisz.

I orbit around various painting themes and I am as close to figurative motifs as to amorphous abstract forms. It happens that I combine both genres, giving human figures unreal space. The constantly expanding collection of works needed to be systematized. And this is how I work, in such series as: Solar, Underwater, Dancing and other figurative, Angel, In the garden and Abstract. It does not matter in to which of my own group the painting is located – it is important that it is my intention that what comes out from under my brushes and putty knife be the carrier of the sunny side of life.

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